Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blessing today 27March2014

BlessingMay you be a fortunate soul who experiences pleasure through the company of the intellect and the hand of co-operation.    
The sign of co-operation is being hand in hand. Similarly, to be constantly co-operative with the Father is to put your hand into His hand, and, to have the constant company of the intellect means the love of the mind is connected to the One. Always have the awareness that you have put your hand into His hand and are walking along with Him in the Godly Garden. By doing so, you will constantly be entertained and be constantly happy and full. Such souls who have the fortune of happiness continue to experience pleasure constantly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blessing today 25March2014

BlessingMay you receive the fruit of service and thereby remain beyond all limited desires and become constantly complete and equal. 

Service means that which brings fruit. If any service makes you discontent, then that service is not service. You may leave such service, but do not let go of your contentment. Just as those who are content with their bodies remain constantly content, in the same way, those who are content in their minds are constantly content. Contentment is a sign of satisfaction and being full. A satisfied soul will not be thirsty for limited desires such as respect, honour, salvation or facilities. Such a soul will be beyond all limited desires and be constantly complete and equal. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Blessing today 24March2014

Blessing : May you be a satisfied soul and along with experiencing all relationships, also experience the happiness of all attainments.   

Those who are true lovers remain constantly happy with all attainments in every situation and in every deed. Many children experience God to be their Father, Bridegroom and Child, but they are not able to experience as much attainment as they want. So, together with that experience, there should also be the feeling of attaining through all those relationships. Those who have this experience and attainments remain constantly satisfied. They do not feel a lack of attainment in anything. Where there is attainment, there is definitely satisfaction.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blessing today 23March2014

Blessing : May you merge the one Comforter of Hearts in your heart and experience all relationships in the One and become a contented soul.

The head (brain) is the place to keep the knowledge in, but the place in which to keep the Beloved merged is the heart.  Some lovers use their head a lot, but BapDada is pleased with those who have a true heart and this is why the heart knows and the Comforter of Hearts knows the experience of the heart.  Those who serve with their heart and remember with their heart don't have to work so hard and they experience greater contentment.  Those who work with their heart constantly sing song of contentment.  According to the time,  they experience all relationships with the One.

Blessing today 22March2014

Blessing : May you be a spiritual lover and remain free from labouring by remaining attracted to the attraction of the spiritual Beloved.

The Beloved is pleased to see His lovers who were lost.  By being attracted by the spiritual attraction, you now know and have attained the true Beloved and have reached your real destination.  When such lover souls enter the line drawn by their love, they become free from many types of labouring because here, the waves of the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Power refresh them for all time.  The Beloved has created this special place for your entertainment and for you lovers to experience a meeting.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blessing today 21March2014

Blessing : May you be truly loving and remain absorbed in love for God and deeply engrossed in meeting Him.

The sigh of love that is remembered is: although while there are two, they don't remain two but become combined.  This is known as merging.  Devotees have referred to this stage of love as merging in God.  To be merged in love is the stage.  However, instead of this stage, they have understood it to mean finishing the identity of the soul for all time.  When you children become absorbed in the Father or in meeting the spiritual Beloved, you then become equal to Him.

Blessing today 20March2014

Blessing : May you receive happiness, power and blessing from everyone by doing service as a charitable soul.

The instant and practical fruit of service is happiness and power.  Enabling souls to have a right to the Father's inheritance by your doing service is an act of charity.  Those who perform charity definitely receive blessings.  The pure thoughts of happiness that are created in the hearts of all souls become blessings and they accumulate for your future.  Therefore, constantly consider yourself to be a server and constantly continue to receive happiness and power as the imperishable fruit of service.